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Cheer United

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Everything You Need to Know About Our Cheerleading Programs

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Learn About Our Cheerleading Programs

Cheer United proudly offers programs that suit the needs of all athletes. We welcome athletes of all ages to try our training sessions. Our Registration Package is filled with information to help you find a program that best suits your interest. Please email us today for more information and find out which option would be best for you!

'Prep' Cheerleading

Practice sessions will happen once a week (1.5 hour class) on Saturday mornings and will include 3 exciting competitions. At competitions, the athlete will get the opportunity to perform for a crowd and panel of judges in their beautiful cheer uniform. Basic skills will be taught each week and advancement in skills will always be encouraged so the athlete can reach their fullest potential. Teamwork will develop as individual skills combine to create an energetic cheerleading routine.

              'Tiny' Cheerleading

The Little Dippers are our “Tiny” age group. At practices the athletes focus on learning dance, cheers, jumps and stunts. We spend a large portion of the practice rotating through our tumbling circuits. We have many mats, incline wedge, blocks, octagons, and other equipment that they rotate through. Here, they practice front rolls, cartwheels, back bends/bridges, handstands and more. Our practices focus on teamwork, interactive play, skill building, and choreography introduction. It is a fun, safe space to fall in love with a sport while exerting tons of energy!

'Rec' Cheerleading

 The rec program is a low-commitment team that also practices one evening a week (1 hour class). This team does not attend competition. Since there is no uniform, clothing package, or competition fees, the price is more affordable. Practices for the recreation program will be Saturday mornings in the summer, and a weekday evening in the fall/winter.

This program is subject to change based on enrollment.


               'Open' Cheerleading

Our Open Team- "Eclipse", practices one day per week. This program is available for athletes ages 14 & up. This team is a fun atmosphere where we focus on new stunts and routine building. This team practices one weeknight each week. We attend 3 competitions with this competitive team.

Zero Gravity Tumbling

Cheer United offers an exciting Tumbling/Skills Class. This extra course is for those athletes who would like to progress their skills in the sport (with particular attention paid to tumbling). Tumbling mats and equipment allow for a variety of drills to be practiced for tumbling progression. Depending on athlete experience, skills that will be practiced include front rolls, cartwheels, back walkovers, handsprings, and tucks. Athletes are encouraged to progress their skills at a safe but swift pace.


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